First of all, “New Kiss Horizon” is nonfiction about the love of  my life, and the sequal is also non fiction.  I cannot disclose the title yet. 


In fact, 

There are seven books, that my Literary Executor, also my Thing, has been asked to oversee.  The last book has two possible titles, and he will b the one organizing my writing , some of  going back to early childhood.   

Only  my Thing can do this as he is the only one who knows the truth.  The entire truth!  I am making sure of this, and as he is also the only man I have completely Loved, I want him to do this. 

I know I  am not going to live forever, but I hope my Love for him does.; I hope he will always know how much I Love him.


And here we are, Me ad my Thing.  I will always love this man, even after death if I can. I intend to try.  I am 64  and just  about everythig  I know about Love, I learned  from him.  I was once married for forty years, and turned out that I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about Loving a man and being  Loved in return.  Worth repeating: “Everything,  I know about giving Love and receiving Love, I learned from the best, seen below. \

A man I have known for thirty years.  


I didn’t even know how to Kiss or be Kissed until his lips met mine in a Taxi from O’Hare to the hotel in Chicago.  And let me tell you, it was worth the wait.  Every minute.


I really love this man; I give him nothing  but “Real Love” , Macy Gray 





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